040goedbezig.nl, multi-site solution for the Nudge platform

Government, Non-profit, Sustainability

Nudge is an organization that is committed to sustainability and environment and focuses on making the world a better place together with its community. Nudge has a large online community that inspires each other and shares ideas and initiatives.

During the last quarter of 2015, Maykin Media has transformed the Nudge’s single-site platform into a multi-site platform. This transformation was a necessity caused by 040GoedBezig, an initiative of the municipality of Eindhoven, to promote sustainable projects, initiatives and related news in their region.

Nudge functions as encourager of the sustainable Netherlands. This is a large collection of sustainable projects and initiatives. Maykin Media needed to create the municipality of Eindhoven the possibility to use the Nudge platform independently, but also make sure they could use the experience and existing projects of Nudge.

This type of multi-site platforms with (partially) shared content was technically speaking an interesting challenge. Especially because the Nudge platform was originally not designed to facilitate this. Maykin Media found a smart way to use geographically-separated data and together with a site-specific management environment, this ensured that 040Goedbezig was realized in an orderly manner and that is was still easily manageable.

Gemeente Eindhoven