Agile management tool for


The management of Eneco ( at the time) decided to optimize their work flow for end customers to drastically decrease the time it takes for a customer request to be processed and executed. To this end, they required internal changes but also tools to make it all possible. The current system was far too complex and inflexible to introduce such a new tool. One of the tools can be described best as an overview or status view of all the different, existing systems, and allow them to communicate with each other. Apart from the overview, it would act as a hub between the customer, Eneco and external contractors.

Although the tool was for internal use, it required to communicate with external web services and communicate back to customers and external contractors. We developed a website for their intranet to accommodate their wishes for such a tool.

In the old situation, where literally one form of one system was printed and typed in by employees to another system, it took almost half a year (!) to complete a single request from processing to execution. We created a website that could read from all the different systems and present employees with the status of every customer request.

To this end, the system behind the website would grab customer requests and processes the "simple" ones (95% of the requests) automatically by finding all the required information in other systems (postal check, Google maps for measuring the distance between points of interest, checking for electric cables, request home measurement installation numbers, etc.) and feed this information to internal systems (accountancy and existing status systems) and external systems (email to contractors or plan in a agenda). More complex requests would still require some manual actions.

The end result was a Python based proof-of-concept system that allowed Eneco to process a "simple" request in only a single week.