Pervidet - Online surveys made simple


The goal of Pervidet in 2006 was simple: to set up a free-to-use system for setting out online questionnaires. Pervidet is the first Maykin Media service that can be used by anyone and serves as a simple example of the various possibilities at Maykin Media. Everything for this project was done internally and the system was set up in a matter of days.

Software Design

During the development of Pervidet we made use of Python and Django to simplify software development considerably. Pervidet is hosted on Maykin Media servers and uses a PostgreSQL database.

For the user-facing side of the system we chose for a traditional web application together with jQuery and a simple design.

Current Status

At this moment Pervidet is an example-project that we and others regularly use for online surveys.

Maykin Media

Pervidet - Online surveys made simple