We are Maykin Media

Maykin Media was founded in 2008 by developers who are very passionate about developing software and who love experimenting with new technologies.

Originally, Maykin Media was located in the historically Beurs van Berlage in the city center of Amsterdam, but because of growth and the search for new talent, Maykin Media has moved to the Herengracht. In 2015 our Herengracht office became too small and we moved to our current office on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.


We create awesome websites and web applications

Maykin Media mainly focuses on the technology behind your website or web application. We usually develop using Python and Django. This makes it possible to realize your needs and wishes on an efficient and professional way. However, if necessary, or when another language fits your project better, we are also capable of using other technologies (like Java, C/C++ or Ruby).

Maykin Media has developed a system for various websites in the tourism industry that makes it easy for visitors to book a flight or a hotel and to pay with iDeal or credit card. On the other hand it is possible for the company to see which bookings are made. Check out our portfolio for more information and to see other projects we’ve done..


Maykin Media is ISO 9001 certified by DEKRA: Certificaat ISO 9001 Maykin Media DEKRA.pdf

Maykin Media is ISO 27001 certified by Digitrust: DigiTrust Certificaat ISO 27001 Maykin Media.pdf

This is how we do it

Every project starts by simply hearing you out: what do want to do with your website or web application? Maybe you’d like to try a complete new concept, or you'd prefer to make adjustments and enhance what’s already out there.

We use our expertise to help you on how you can achieve your goals. By creating clear phases and steps and starting simple, a large project will be feasible. The solution could be easier than you expect.

We keep our customers positively involved with a project. Experience learns that this leads to a more efficient project and a much better end-result. We make sure to involve you with wireframes, mockups and prototypes, so everyone is on the same page. By using proper project management tools you have direct access to our developers and a proper overview of how your project is being handled.

To make this happen, Maykin Media prefers to use Python and Django. By using these technologies we quickly obtain impressive results. An even bigger advantage of using Python and Django is that the end-result is properly maintainable, can be built upon with ease and is enriched with proper automated testing.