At Maykin Media we primarily develop our websites, web applications and web APIs using a stack built upon Python and Django. This allows us to efficiently develop professional software that is built-to-specification, maintainable, transferable and automatically tested and verified.

Python is our programming language of choice. It is a practical, dynamic language that fits most domains we encounter and ensures clear, readable code. Python is a language that integrates well with other languages, while having a large repository of open source libraries for any conceivable need. It is platform independent and runs on all major operating systems.


Django is "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines". Here at Maykin Media we are definitely perfectionists and we too deal with deadlines, so it is no surprise we picked Django as our web framework of choice many years ago.

Django allows us to build high-performing websites and web applications quickly. By handling the dreary details that is inherent with web development, Django allows us to focus on the specific features and functionalities that your project requires.

Maykin Media played a leading role in organizing the 2011 Djangocon Europe conference in Amsterdam. In 2015 we've sponsored a number of evens, among which Djangon Europe in Cardiff, PyGrunn in Groningen and Django-under-the-hood in Amsterdam.




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