Case management system


In 2017 the municipality of Haarlem contacted Maykin Media for the development of a so-called 'case management system'. The case management system is an environment constructed based on municipal and governmental standards (GEMMA, ZDS, StUF, RGBZ, Alfresco, CMIS, SOAP).

These standards allow a municipality to communicate between each other and with other governmental organisations in a pre-defined manner. The case management system communicates using these standards so it is easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and governmental services. In the case management system 'Cases' are stored, dossiers for instance for requesting a parking license, requesting a passport or a mention of a broken streetlight. This system would be comparable to a ERP and a CRM system for commercial enterprises.

The development fase took about 3-4 months and was delivered conform expectations. It was developed in a number of sprints, and after the test-fase the municipality has started to use the system in production.

The developed system, which makes use of an open source stack (PostgreSQL, Python/Django), is registered under an open source license (EUPL) and can be found on the Haarlem Github environment:

Gemeente Haarlem