Mobile App & API for scheduling, planning and timekeeping

Automotive, Government, Healthcare, Non-profit

For over 10 years Aethon connects the best students and young professionals to clients in healthcare, government, housing and finance. Aethon focuses on ensuring continuity to customers and assisting young professionals develop their careers.

Besides the realization and management of the ERP system of MyAethon2, at the end of 2015 Aethon asked Maykin Media to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS. This mobile app allows Aethon’s young professionals to quickly and easily enter their availability and hours worked with their smartphone. This app was finished early 2016 and after a short testing period it was launched and operational.

The app offers the young professionals of Aethon direct insight into their planning, it provides the necessary information from clients and sends push notifications to alert the professional on new, potentially matching services. The app (developed in Javascript, based on Cordova and Aurelia) communicates with the MyAethon2 API (which is also developed by Maykin Media). Because of perfect synchronization of both environments, the professional has direct access to the latest data.

The Aethon app is available in the AppStore and the Google Play Store.