- Social sustainable platform

Non-profit, Sustainability

Early in 2014 we received Nudge's assignment to develop a completely new platform. The starting point was the current website and a number of additional sites, together with a clear perspective regarding ease-of-use, design and a long list of functionalities.

Nudge is a community that focusses on sustainability and environmental initiatives, making the world a better place one step at a time. With the large online community ideas and initiatives are shared to inspire others to think differently about sustainability.

With a functional and technical design we decided on the priorities, and split up the functionalities. We developed the platform collaboratively in an agile way with Nudge in 3 sprints, with each sprint having its own theme and focus.

The new Nudge-platform was developed with Python and Django. The performance and availability of the platform is guarenteed in spite of the high complexity of the platform and the large amount of content.

Nudge - Social sustainable platform