Outdoor adventure platform

Digital, Travel

For the Outdoyo team we developed their online outdoor adventure platform in 2017. The mission was simple: ensure that outdoor enthusiasts can embark on awesome activities and undergo unique experiences.

At the beginning of the year when we started out Outdoyo was at the concept-phase. Together with Jasper and Vincent and based on our experience with online travel and technology we helped solidify the concept, analyzed potential partners to integrate with and defined functional and technical requirements.

At the design-phase we provided our supervision and network, leading to the team of Less or More designing an awesome website for the project.

After that we got our hands dirty and developed the platform within 3 months, complete with multiple partner API integrations, a CMS and a fully functional platform management system.

Outdoyo is hosted and supported by Maykin, and we gladly help out the energetic team behind Outdoyo with various changes while the platform rapidly grows.