Restful travel web service to power


ID&T is one of the leading companies who organize huge dance events all over the world. One of their most famous one, Sensation, features world-renowned DJs who show their bests musical accomplishments while dancers, acrobats, state-of-the-art lightshows, lasers and fireworks create an extraordinary stage show.

Since, specifically, Sensation takes place all over the world and also attracts people from all over the world, ID&T wanted to provide a whole experience for visitors rather than just offer admission tickets. To bring the best experience for Sensation to the visitor, well thought out packages are offered consisting of a flight, hotel, transfers from the hotel to the event and back, a hostess, additional gifts, etc. and, of course, an admission ticket to the event area.

Maykin Media developed a system where various travel products can be added together from various sources to create a package. Such travel products include the company's internal admission ticket stock, a flight with any airline or a hotel. Anything that is needed to make Sensation into an experience from start to finish.

On the backend, staff members can create and manage these travel products, while on the frontend, the system is accessible via a restful API. The API is restful, fast, horizontally scalable and the output is very clean and readable which, as you can imagine, make it very easy to integrate for other developers.

The API allowed ID&T to integrate the travel products into their existing shop that offers gadgets, DVDs, MP3, etc. Buying a Deluxe package to Sensation in Sydney, Australia, in combination with T-shirt or DVD of the previous event... No problem.


Restful travel web service to power