EMS clinical trial management system


ITREAS is an expert in clinical trials; from pilot-studies to worldwide projects for large pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on academic professionalism and long-term relationships with researchers around the world, ITREAS offers decades of experience when it comes to the design, organization, management and analysis of clinical trials.

ITREAS asked Maykin Media to create a study tracking system (EMS) that determines the long-term effects during a study. By combining data from various sources, ITREAS now has a follow-up system that gives a complete overview of the study’s state of affairs.

Maykin Media has put a special effort into creating a detailed import and export mechanism as well as an extensive audit trail. This makes it possible to view all changes over time. Apart from this, the tracking system is designed in an extensible way, which facilitates its use for different kind of studies and the different sorts of data corresponding to these studies.

EMS is developed in Python and Django, following the agile SCRUM principle during the development. Maykin Media is responsible for management, support, maintenance and hosting of EMS.